About Inst Invest

We represent the coordinating link between asset owners and asset management companies and the investment banks. Central to our investment proposals are, of course, our clients needs alongside our analysis of the financial markets.

We work with asset categories such as fixed-interest investments, unit trusts, hedge funds, structured products and property investments. We also help customers requiring discretionary asset management to identify the best asset manager given the relevant management mandate.

Life insurance also forms a natural part of our services for private individuals and companies, in many cases making it possible to achieve investment profiles that are more efficient from a taxation perspective. We cooperate with tax consultants, lawyers and accountants to be able to provide the best possible advice.

Company philosophy
It is our philosophy that cooperation with us should be more personal, more convenient, more developing and more stimulating. Investments shall, with a high degree of probability, generate a favourable return in relation to their risk. We do not help clients speculate – we help them invest. We see the opportunities and assess threats and risks.

Our role
Our role is to act as an financial advisor and, naturally, we feel a great degree of responsibility for the investments and management solutions that our clients select as a consequence of our cooperation.

Ultimately we want our customers to feel secure and to derive genuine pleasure from their investment activities.

Client categories
We work with three categories of clients, even though our focus is on small and medium-sized institutional investors.

• Institutions
• Companies and entrepreneurs
• Private individuals

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